Dior “Garden” Couture 2013

When appointed as the creative director of Dior, a lot of people had their doubts about Raf Simons’ capability. Some of them think Raf has a modern design style, which is very different from John Galliano – the former Dior designer – that comprise drama. But six months ago, Raf was successfully mesmerizing the fashion industry with his debut on Dior couture. And now, he did it again.

Bell silhouette gown, with delicate details which are almost invisible, and the dominance of the soft spring color highlight the Dior Spring  2013 Couture collection.

“I wanted it to literally be about the season; to be about the very idea of spring,” wrote Raf Simons in the press release.

Not to mention the presence, bar jacket — Dior iconic — appears abstract and paired with crisp peplum details, bustier and pants. Overall, Raf Simons still refers on Dior aesthetic but with contemporer feeling.

_ARC0030.450x675 _ARC0075.450x675 _ARC0231.450x675 _ARC0264b.450x675 _ARC0339.450x675 _ARC0388.450x675 _ARC0533.450x675 _D7Q0275.450x675 _D7Q0323.450x675 _D7Q0960.450x675 article-2266358-1713E792000005DC-237_964x571Images Source: Style.com & Getty Images


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