Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 Highlight Part 1

Finally the long awaited day has arrived. It’s time for Indonesia Fashion Week! Huge numbers of Indonesia’s best fashion designers and the lovely fashion people are gathered here (check out our Street Snap post).

Here is the highlight of the events, plenty of Indonesia’s local brands and uprising designers are having their booths here, and not to forget a variety of collections presented in each fashion show. There’s also some workshop and seminars from fashion experts.

This event will be held until Sunday at Jakarta Convention Centre. Be ready to wear your best outfit as we might candidly capture your style.

DSC01247 DSC01221 DSC01243 DSC01230 DSC01232 IMG_1159 IMG_1164 IMG_1168 IMG_1180 IMG_1208 IMG_1291 IMG_1307 IMG_1375 IMG_1410 IMG_1425 IMG_1442And this is what we wear.

ifw1 ifw3 ifw4 ifw5 ifw6 ifw7

Gerson: Blazer (Salt & Pepper), White Tee (Cotton On), Jeans (Topman), Loafers (Pedro)
Eya: Blazer & Loose Pants (Zara), Pin (Frej), Hologram bag (New Look)

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