T.G.I.F! (College Party)

Still a story from last Friday. After visiting TIK Shirt on the afternoon, I had to go to my local church’s event. A gathering of college/university students, which we called “T.G.I.F! (College Party).

I know I am no longer in college, I had to be there because I was involved in the video production for this event. But if you are still in college, do come to the next College Party which will be held probably on July. It’s a very fun event for Christians college people, where you can mingle and get to gain more friends from different campuses, without being tacky.

You might think going to church is a very boring activity, but in my local church it’s different. We can still go to church and be cool and relevant to the world at the same time. Just check the pictures below.

photo 177

The balloons are for games don’t worry it’s not for decoration. This is not a kids party hello.

photo 178

This is the stage and the main decoration. We use disco balls supported with a great lighting arrangement by Lightworks.

photo 183 photo 182 photo 180

Yes, I’m at church. Don’t worry it’s not alcohol haha. This is the lounge area where people can sit and talk enjoying some drinks and snacks and accompanied with a great chillin and loungy music playing from the speakers.

photo 181And this is what makes this event is more special! At least for me. Our webisode series “T.G.I.F!” the first episode was also premiered here. These are the crew and casts. Wait for it on our Youtube channel, it’s going to be published publicly next week.


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